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Accept stable cryptos on your website.

PaywithTerra is an automated information service that works by utilizing publicly available information on the Terra blockchain. It provides machine-readable notifications for e-commerce websites when payment transactions are detected. Learn more

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Current Tx detection speed: 25 sec

How Pay with Terra works
for your customers

1. Your customer creates an order and selects Pay with Terra payment method.

2. At the special page customer can pay your order "at one click" thanks to integration with official wallets.
This payment goes to your wallet directly, Pay with Terra doesn't hold your money.

3. After returning to your website, the customer sees that his order was paid and changed its status.

This flow can be fitted to your needs. For example, your customer may not even leave your website.

See it in action at "Demo Shop"

How Pay with Terra works
for your e-commerce website

We make the integration process as simple as possible: you can use free plugins, SDK or call our API directly. See all details at our docs.
After the setup is completed a common scheme is:

1. Your customer creates an order and selects Pay with Terra payment method and goes to the payment page.

2. Your website sends a signal to our API that it awaits the payment.

3. Our system monitors the Terra blockchain and notices if payment for the order has been made.

4. Your website receives a notification from our system and marks the order as paid.

As you see we doesn't hold your money. Your customers pay you directly like cash.
We think financial freedom is here and believe that is the future.

Simple pricing model

Pro with unlimited transactions and additional features
14 days free trial
$10 / month or $200 / Perpetual (lifetime) access Limited offer

or Basic at "pay per use" principe
$0.05 per 1 processed order/transaction

Unlock Terra’s full potential

Cards Cash Crypto Terra
No percentage commissions up to 3.5%
Realtime online payments processing
Resilience against fraudulent returns
Getting money immediately without holding
Low volatility risk

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