How to connect

There are two general steps to connect to PayWithTerra:


Create an account and receive the API key in the "My Account" section.
The API key is needed for our server API to differ your requests from others and for prevent spam requests.

We want to build the financial-sustainable service, so the API key is paid. We try to offer the plans for different levels of needs: you can start from 1$ with the Basic (pay as you go) plan.

Basic (pay as you go)

You have the Balance, which is used as fuel in two cases:

  • making the "Create order" API-requests ($0.05 / order)
  • receiving the "Payment received" notifications (only while using the Stream service)


Just pay for the key monthly without worrying about the transaction count.

Limitation: you can not use the Pro plan for building your own payment aggregator and reselling the PaywithTerra services.


Change your eCommerce website behaviour:
- to send signals to the Pay with Terra API when new orders created
- to listen signals from the Pay with Terra API when these orders was paid

We have the detailed instructions about interaction with the Pay with Terra API.

You may need some programming skills to do this.
In the Roadmap we have a plans to develop solutions for one-click connections with popular ecommerce platforms. But for now you need to do this manually. We are ready to help with connection if you have any difficulties