What is Pay with Terra ?

Pay with Terra is an automated information service for facilitating the acceptance of decentralized payments. It can be used by individuals and enterprises around the world for e-commerce websites.

Pay with Terra works by utilizing publicly available information about transactions on the Terra blockchain. It provides machine-readable notifications for e-commerce websites when such transactions are detected.

With Terra blockchain, the store owner can opt out of banking and accept payments directly like a cash. Terra avoids volatility by issuing the stablecoins for many fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, etc. Learn more on the official website

How it works

A customer includes his order number into the "Memo" field while transaction creation and pays directly to the shop owners address.
Pay with Terra sees suchlike transactions on the network and notifies the ecommerce website with a special signal.

As a website owner you don't need to build you own tracker to see when your orders has been paid.
Just connect Pay with Terra and enjoy!

Icons made by Darius Dan