The PayWithTerra Roadmap

This list based on the wishes of the Terra community and enthusiasts.

Done Proof of concept

Done the Basic ("Pay as you go") plan

Done Stream - notification (webhook) about each account income

In progress Technical advices and assistance in integration for the first 100 stores, who want to connect.

In progress Opensource plugins for popular ecommerce platforms and CMS.
First of all: WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, Shopaholic

In progress Illustrations and possibly a video to explain the process of the system to technically inexperienced people.

Plan Localize to Russian, Korean, Spanish

Plan Strengthen the infrastructure

Plan The green list of countries where accepting tokens (like UST) in payment for goods and services is at least not prohibited and prepare answers to possible legal and accounting questions from local businesses.

Joke ICO 😆